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"Iron Sharpens Iron"

Proverbs 27:17


SharpMen Global Inc

Iron sharpens iron so we come correct

God has called us to do this for we are His elect

We sharpen ourselves and we keep sharp our blade

Men that are still standing, that the Lord God has made

We will take back our communities, we will press toward the mark

As the iron rubs together, it will provide the spark

We will be better husbands, fathers and even sons

We will pick up our swords and put down the guns

We will teach our daughters to not settle for a thing

And If a man should approach her, he must be a king

Sharpmen is a vision that is a Kingdom assignment

It calls us to this season and gives us alignment

Sharpmen are honorable, anointed, renewed and sanctified

From the sidelines we come, and, in His word, we abide




It has been a longstanding desire that men come to know the “man” that God created them to be, in all facets of their lives, to embrace the responsibilities that comes with their call as husband, father, and friend. Sharpmen Ministry is devoted to training and equipping men with the tools necessary to be successful in whatever role God has appointed them to.

Pastor Cleveland E. Bates 


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