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The most impactful way to influence and affect the lives of other men is through mentorship.  As Sharpmen, we are purposed to direct, guide, prepare and protect those who are coming behind us.  With God’s Word in our hearts and hands reaching out to others, we will use our God-given abilities to strengthen, serve, and stand strong with our brothers through life’s difficult journey. We invite you to join us in this endeavor.  Let’s be that change for the next generations #sharpmen #sharpstrong

Sharpmen actively recruits men who have hearts turned toward people to come alongside us and help make the lives of other men better!  We believe God has equipped all men with gifts, dreams, and great possibilities for successful living.  We challenge men of all ages to continue to pursue God’s best, no matter where we find them.  If you believe that God has given you the passion for reaching and restoring, we invite you to join us.  We believe that we are the legs and arms that God uses to impact the Kingdom. 


Romans 8:19, “the whole earth groans, waiting on the manifestation of the sons of God….” LET’S GO!

Sharpmen provides career training programs, young adult accountability groups, educational enrichment programs, and other opportunities to move those struggling with low self-esteem, have limited opportunities, no resources, and are stagnated by current systems and negative environment.  We invite individual and corporate sponsors to partner with us in this endeavor.

Sharpmen is a certified non-profit organization.  All monies donated will be used for the ministry purpose only.  When you give, you play an integral part in making a young man’s life more fruitful, you make it possible for the realization of life goals and dreams.

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